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Internship FAQs

Internship FAQs


Who can apply for an internship ?

One needs to be a postgraduate in Spanish Language and Literature or Spanish Philology from any university in the world (Licenciado or M.A. in Spanish language / Literature / Spanish Philology) to apply. Interns who have done Philology in other languages can also apply.

However, interns who do not have specific degrees can also apply provided they have done some course for teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Please note that apart from the above mentioned qualities, videoconferencing interview and personal aptitudes are also taken into consideration.


What would be the duration of the internship?

Typically, the internship can last from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.


I fulfill the basic requirement. Do I need to have some other skills to apply?

Yes, the intern should have a basic knowledge of the English language. Also, a fundamental working knowledge of computers would help, but is not necessary.


I wish to apply as an intern but what would be my working hours?

Your working hours shall be 40 hours per week, out of which around 24 hours will be teaching hours per week and six working days a week. However, the course timings will vary with the requirement of the institute.


And the remuneration?

Instituto Hispania pays its interns remuneration in the form of stipend and the monthly stipend varies from case to case, but it is no less than 400 Euros per month.

In addition to the stipend, Instituto Hispania will also provide the intern with basic teaching aids and facilities including the use of computer and internet for his/her use in the institute during the internship period.

Moreover, any extra work undertaken by the intern like translations or interpretations outside the stipulated schedule would be paid in addition to the monthly stipend.


Is the amount sufficient to live in India?

Since the accommodation is facilitated, it is very much possible to live with the stipend amount. Basic amenities are provided.


Where will I stay?

Instituto Hispania will facilitate the intern's stay during his/her tenure at the institute.


How many holidays and leaves will I have?

After 11 months the intern will be entitled for a 30 days earned leave. Those who select shorter term of internship, will not be entitled for remunerated leave.


I am interested, how do I apply?

You can send your Bio-data in both English and Spanish with a covering letter expressing your wish to take up internship in Instituto Hispania by email to:


Mrs. Laura Benito Herraiz

Director General

Instituto Hispania

e-mail to: or


(Please do include a digital / scanned passport size photo and state the month and your preferred joining date).


I do not wish to apply but know somebody who might.

It would be great if you could pass this information to people you think would be interested. If you want to put a copy of this on the Information Board of your university, please feel free to take a printout!

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