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Online Spanish Course

Our Batch Detail for E Learning :

Spanish courses »
Basic Certificate70 hoursRs.11822/-
Intermediate certificate60 hoursRs.11822/-
Diploma Inicial60 hoursRs.11822/-
Diploma Pre Avanzado60 hoursRs.11822/-
Diploma Avanzado50 hoursRs.11822/-
Diploma Pre Superior50 hoursRs.11822/-
Diploma Superior50 hoursRs.11822/-
Perfeccionamiento50 hoursRs.11822/-
Spanish Explorers (6-8 year olds)15 hoursRs.7500/-
Spanish Voyagers (8-11 year olds)15 hoursRs.7870/-
Spanish for Tourism - 150 hoursRs.11822/-
D.I.E Preparatory Course6 hoursRs.5000/-
Conversation Course12 hoursRs.6000/-
Revision Course12 hoursRs.6000/-
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» Basic Certificate
» Intermediate certificate
» Diploma Inicial
» Diploma Pre Avanzado
» Diploma Avanzado
» Diploma Pre Superior
» Diploma Superior
» Business Spanish Level - 1
» Business Spanish Level - 2
» Spanish for Tourism Level - 1
» Spanish for Tourism Level - 2
» Conversation Classes
» Children Courses
» Perfeccionamiento

Instituto Hispania has a dedicated team of both Indians and Spanish nationals who are Professional Spanish Language Philologists with passion for teaching the Spanish language.

Virtual-Learning is also called distance learning, e-learning and video-conferencing training. It is particularly useful for people who have limited time available to take up a course at any of our 5 centre, as it allows one to pursue their professional/personal interest to enhance their language skill set from the convenience of their home. In its essence, it consists of a virtual classroom where students interact with the instructor in REAL TIME. The Virtual classroom is fully equipped with a digital whiteboard, webcam stream of student and instructor, video and audio materials, PDF files of our OWN, published study material (which can be downloaded by the student). This method of learning is also becoming more popular due to time constraints and easy internet accessibility in the modern world today. 

Advantages of E-Learning:

  • Accessibility, Convenience
  • Interested persons can learn from the comfort of their residence.
  • Timings fixed like any other course.
  • Save time and cost of travel
  • Interaction is equal to traditional classroom learning.

According to some analysts, the actual time required for training by computer averages about 50% to that of instructor-led training, further saving both time and money.

Technical equipment required

  • Internet
  • Laptop with webcam/Desktop with webcam
  • Microphone with Speaker

With Virtual – Learning the Teacher/Faculty would be imparting the classes from the premises of the institute itself and the students can gain access to the class from their own residence anywhere in India or anywhere around the world with the help of few clicks!

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