In its essence, transcription is the process of converting speech into textual form. With the rapid advance of technology today, many corporations and companies require the services of audio or video transcription to make information accessible to a wider audience. In many large companies, there are call centres in which the audio of each call is recorded. For these calls, the audio transcription may be required to monitor performance and measure the quality of phone calls between sales representatives and customers. In other scenarios, video transcription is a great way to convert videos into text in order to share your content with a larger audience such as people with hearing impairments, people who have difficulty understanding speech, and people who may not be native speakers of the language.

Our transcription team works closely with the clients to understand all aspects of the project  requirements in order to provide the most suitable transcription solution. Transcription is highly skilled work and our transcriptionists are experienced and equipped to transcribe different genres of business. We do not compromise on quality and adhere to a strict transcription process which includes a two-stage process of proofreading whereby we ensure maximum accuracy and precision at the time of delivery.

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