All our Spanish Courses are intensive in nature which means that students will be able to achieve maximum proficiency in the minimum span of time.

The Basic Level Certificate course is a 70 hour course that you can complete in a duration of 5 weeks (Weekday courses) or 10 weeks (Weekend courses).

Instituto Hispania focuses in all necessary communicative components wich as reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar to enable the student to learn and speak Spanish as a foreign language.

Multimedia facilities are partially introduced at this level since students first need to learn basic grammatical structures and vocabulary to be able to make best use of this resource.


Course Features

An introductory course, the course objective is to equip you with basic communication skills. The course aims to lay a solid foundation of the language, wherein you will be able to recognise words, form sentences and use day to day expressions related to daily routines.

You will master the present tense in this level and be able to ask and answer questions about yourself and others, as well as describe the weather, people, places, things, using the present tense.

The main focus is to build the level of understanding and producing written text on general topics. Conversational skills are still restricted to slow interaction at the completion of this course.

  • Introduction to the language with Verb SER (To be), Introducing ourselves, Alphabet, Numbers,

  • Frequent questions, Professions, Nouns, Adjectives, Articles, Nationalities,

  • Questions & Answers to obtain personal information,

  • Definite articles, Indefinite articles, Colours,

  • Verb ESTAR (to be), Prepositions, Adverbs, Prepositions

  • Contrast and use of SER and ESTAR verbs, States of mood,

  • Verb TENER (to have), HAY (there is/are), Possessive adjectives,

  • Vocabulary related to house, family, animals, clothes, weather,

  • Muy - Mucho (many - much), Time, Weather,

  • Days of the week, months, seasons,

  • Verbs ending in -AR, Direct Object,

  • Verbs ending in -ER, Indirect Object,

  • Verbs ending in -IR, Verb IR (irregular verb “to go”)

  • Irregular verbs, Infinite verbs (future construction), Reflexive verbs

All trainers for this course are certified instructors who undergo rigorous internal training under our Teachers Training Programme. The trainers are well versed with the course content and also include a cultural focus during the course to give you an accurate introduction to the Spanish speaking world.

On completion of the Basic Certificate Course (Level A1.1), you will obtain the Hispania Certificate corresponding to your achievement of level A1.1. The minimum percentage to obtain the certification is 50%  and is essential in order to continue to the next level course. However, it is advisable to achieve a minimum of 60-65% to attain a good proficiency and a sound understanding of this level.

The course is intended for adult participants who are able to communicate in English, as the introductory levels will be taught in English medium. The course starts with the bare basics of Spanish language therefore no previous knowledge is required.

The classes are recommended for teenagers above 14 years of age, for college students and working professionals. Our instructors are facilitators for participants to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures and active participation coupled with a proactive attitude is required to obtain best results!


Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

1) Learning a foreign language boosts brain power.
A foreign language is a whole new system with distinct rules, etymology, and meaning, which are just a few of the complexities of a language. Learning a new one puts the brain to task by recognizing this new language structure. As the brain works out meaning and makes full use of this new arsenal to express ideas, it sharpens skills on reading, negotiating, and problem-solving.

2) A person’s ability to multi-task is developed.
Multi-tasking is stressful to those who are not skilled at it. People who are multilingual are proficient at slipping from one tongue to another, one language system to another totally different language mechanics. This is a very distracting and demanding work, not only for the tongue and language faculties, but especially for the brain. People who have developed this are highly proficient multi-taskers and commit very minimal error when juggling various activities.

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