Hispania Tres

Duration:60 Hours


This course is a 60 hour course which can be completed in a duration of 5 weeks (Weekday courses) and 10 weeks (Weekend courses). 

The end of this course signifies the completion of the Basic Module. Your use of the language will be more autonomous as you will be equipped with the knowledge of present, past and future tenses

Course Features

You will learn to use the past tense to talk about topics of general and personal interests like shopping, hobbies, travels, etc. You will also be able to research topics and participate in general conversations more freely, using expressions to describe your experiences. You will be able to produce more comprehensive and detailed written texts, develop better listening and speaking skills.

You will also be able to research topics and comprehend menus, adds, brochures and documents. When spoken slowly you will understand and participate in a general conversation and use expressions to describe work conditions, educational background and past jobs and experiences.

  • Exclamatives: ‘Qué’ and ‘Cuánto’, Frequency adverbs, Vocabulary: travel

  • Imperfect past tense,  Verb ‘Soler’, Relative adjectives, Imperative form of ‘nosotros’, Giving directions

  • Indefinite past tense, Periphrases, Relative adjectives with and without preposition, Media and communication

  • Emphatic adjectives and adverbs, Relative pronouns, Contrast of past tenses, Descriptions

  • Perfect past tense, Irregular participles, Conjunctions: ‘Ya’; ‘aún’ ; ‘todavía’, Environment

  • Pluperfect tense, Future perfect tense, adverbs, hospitality.

  • Imperfect vs. Indefinite past tenses, Shopping

On completion of the Diploma Inicial course (Level A2), you will obtain the Hispania Diploma corresponding to your achievement of level A2.

The minimum percentage to obtain the certification is 50%  and is essential in order to proceed to the next level course. However, it is advisable to achieve a minimum of 60-65% to attain a good proficiency and a sound understanding of this level.

All trainers for this course are certified instructors who undergo rigorous internal training under our Teachers Training Programme. The trainers are well versed with the course content, use multimedia tools to deliver the classes, and include a cultural focus during the course to give you an accurate representation of the Spanish speaking world.


The course is intended for students who have cleared the previous level with a minimum of 50% although it is recommended to obtain 65% or more.

We recommend students to attend a conversation course before or during this course to improve flow of speech. For participants who have prior knowledge of Spanish and wish to join this level directly, they must undertake a level-test in order for us to determine if their proficiency is appropriate to join this level.

Our instructors are facilitators for participants to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures and active participation coupled with a proactive attitude is very important for best results.

Batch Code Course Start/End Date Time Days Action
ELE609 ELE HISPANIA 3 - A2 08/07/2024
8:00:00 AM -To- 10:00:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu Select
Batch Code Course Start/End Date Time Days Action
BatchNo-2418 Hispania Tres - A2 29/06/2024
2:00:00 PM -To- 5:00:00 PM Sun,Sat Select
BatchNo-2428 Hispania Tres - A2 22/07/2024
10:00:00 AM -To- 1:00:00 PM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu Select