Why Take An International Spanish Exam

On your journey towards mastering your Spanish, you may reach a point where it’s not enough to just be able to communicate. If you’re serious about your learning, at some point, you may want to make it official with a document which certifies your linguistic proficiency.

Similar to a university degree, there exist Spanish language exams that are complex in nature and give you an official diploma that is issued by important government entities and recognised worldwide. Knowing that your Spanish has been approved and recognised by the highest authorities will give you a boost of confidence in your abilities. Once you pass the exam, it is valid for life and need not be renewed. Being internationally certified means you have been tested on all aspects of the language and the official diploma adds weight to your job prospects.

You may choose to appear for any level corresponding to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) which will test your ability to successfully fulfil all components of the language. From A1 (Elementary) to C2 (Mastery) levels, you can choose to appear for the most appropriate level for you to be evaluated and certified based on your ability to communicate effectively.

As an accredited centre, we are examination centres that offers students the opportunity to appear for the D.I.E as well as the SIELE international exams for Spanish proficiency.