Learning about a new culture is an amazing experience, and it gets even better if you have the chance to do it while working for your passion.

Instituto Hispania welcomes teachers of Hispanic origin to join us in our endeavor to promote Spanish Language and Hispanic culture in India. Under our Internship Program, selected candidates will have the opportunity to experience working in any of our five centres in India. The role of the Intern would be to teach Spanish as a foreign language, for any level from beginners (A1) to advanced students (C2).

The Internship Program is for a duration of minimum 12 months. The institute will assist the candidate with the visa process and provide the necessary documentation to ensure legalised status of the teacher in India. Provisional accommodation will be provided for the first few days after arrival. Remuneration will be in the form of monthly stipend/salary.

Minimum requirements: The candidate must hold a postgraduate degree in Spanish Philology (or any other language). Experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language is preferred. Medium knowledge of B2 English is required. There are other additional activities of Instituto Hispania where the intern could extend their expertise.

Book Compilation

Instituto Hispania has published books for levels A1.1 up to B2.1 and is in the process of publishing higher levels. Our books have a communicative and interactive approach and follows international standards while addressing the linguistic requirements of the Indian students. A professional challenge in itself, Instituto Hispania encourages interns to collaborate in its compilation. We have several Spanish teachers already contributing actively and there is always room for more!

Convocation Ceremonies

Interns also have an opportunity to participate in the convocation ceremonies organised from time to time for the students who have successfully completed all the levels at Instituto Hispania. Interns, in the past, have displayed folk dances from their countries, read typical poetry, sung traditional songs and played traditional musical instruments.

International Conferences

Instituto Hispania has organised Annual International Conferences to develop Spanish Teaching System in India in the past. The conference is an interactive platform for people engaged in teaching Spanish as a foreign language professionally. Instituto Hispania encourages qualified interns and teachers to participate in the conference actively by presenting papers based on their experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Teachers Training Program

Instituto Hispania has a program for its students at higher levels to teach Spanish at the Institute. We encourage Interns to use their professional skills on specific linguistic and other cultural aspects and help the students in the endeavour.






These activities above cover only a fraction of activities that Instituto Hispania can offer to its Interns. In addition to the above, the Intern can also get acquainted with the teaching and learning material; attend training programs, take practical assignments and classes, participate in translation and interpretation projects or any other academic and cultural activity in the institute.

If you are interested in applying for the internship opportunity across India, please send your updated CV and a cover letter to