In an increasingly globalised world, there is an abundant need for communication between people and businesses on an international level. As language is a key element for effective communication, we provide services of interpretation for many widely-spoken global languages. Interpretation is the ideal solution to facilitate multilingual communication between people who wish to communicate but do not share a common language.

Our aim is to help remove communication barriers and assist in comprehensive translation from source to target language, helping people and small or large-scale business alike to reach a wider audience. We provide professional assistance of experienced interpreters who facilitate effective communication between multicultural clients who require language experts.

There are various forms of delivering interpretation services, depending on the requirement and setting:

a) Simultaneous Interpretation:

One of the most challenging modes of interpretation, simultaneous interpretation involves real-time translation wherein the interpreter communicates what is being said as it is being said. Simultaneous interpreting is highly skilled work and requires experience and knowledge of the subject matter. This mode of interpretation is usually required during large international conferences that require immediate translation of multiple languages. For this, it is essential to have two interpreters per language who will take turns to simultaneously translate from the source to target language. The equipment that the host of the conference needs to provide for this mode of interpretation is a built-in soundproof booth for the interpreters, interpreter console, transmission system, headset receiver for participants and interpreters, microphone for interpreters. It is also important for the interpreters to receive the speech or content of presentation beforehand in order to be knowledgeable in the subject matter.

b) Consecutive Interpretation

In Consecutive Interpretation, the speaker must pause to allow the interpreter to translate what has been spoken from the source to target language before continuing. Consecutive interpreting does not happen in real-time as the interpreter is given time to speak before the speaker continues. This mode of interpretation is quite popular as it not as complex as Simultaneous Interpretation and does not require any special equipment. It is considerably easier for the interpreter and cost effective for the client, making it a popular requirement in informal settings such as small business meetings where the interaction is on one-to-one or conversational basis.

c) Telephonic Interpretation

Telephone interpreting is sometimes the most suitable option in case the interpretation is not possible to deliver services of in-person interpreting or interpretation is required in short notice. Interpretation can be over telephone or via video-conferencing to connect the parties involved and most often takes place in consecutive mode. This mode of interpretation instantly helps bridge the communication gap between individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language.

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