Spanish Language Learning Courses

All our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each course is intensive in nature with a set curriculum to complete for each level. Our students achieve maximum proficiency in the minimum span of time through our teaching methodology, designed and perfected over 20+ years.

Our Spanish courses focus on laying a strong grammatical foundation while paying attention to those aspects that provide the student an accurate cultural context. The components the student would work on in each class include reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, speaking and understanding and application of grammatical concepts. Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities to make your language-learning journey a fun and rewarding experience.

We consider our first three levels as the “building blocks” of the language; as they provide a solid foundation upon which we build on as the student progresses from one level to the next. Each level is distinguished by a defined curriculum, and at the end of the course we conduct an exam to determine the students’ performance in order to advance to the subsequent level. 

Instituto Hispania has designed and developed its own syllabus in accordance to the international levels of proficiency established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our courses are designed and adapted to address the linguistic requirements of the Indian student. Each level lays a solid foundation for the student to achieve the defined linguistic capacity in the areas of comprehension skills, grammatical understanding and communicative proficiency.

Multimedia tools are extensively used in all our classes to enhance the learning in the classroom through audio and visual aid. All our Spanish Courses are intensive in nature which ensures that students achieve maximum proficiency in the minimum span of time.

The levels are divided into three broad categories which are further divided into a total of eight courses at Instituto Hispania:

Basic Module (A1 + A2)

Intermediate Module (B1 + B2)

Advanced Module (C1 + C2)