One of the basic necessities of the business world today is quick and accurate service. There are many companies in various industries that regularly require one common service - Translation.

In our endeavour to provide language solutions to companies as well as individuals, we offer the services of Translation in various global languages and deliver all our projects with precision, speed and quality. Having experience of 20 years in the market, we have an organised process from start to delivery for every project, which allows us to commit and deliver each translation with accuracy within the specified time-frame. Our goal is to help you connect to your target audience and ensure smooth communication between both parties.

Our Translation Process includes various rigorous steps:

  • Project Review - to determine the number of translators required for the project, timeline, project distribution etc.
  • Glossary Development by glossary developers to ensure consistency in terminology across the project among all professional translators involved.
  • Translation - from source to target language
  • Copy Editing - translated document review by a second, and equally qualified, professional translator/editor to ensure the quality of the translation.
  • Formatting - to match the original material, while also being sensitive to the audience’s cultural nuances. We will format your translation with respect to the lay out of your source document.
  • Proof Reading by glossary developer
  • Final Check and Delivery

Translation for Sectors : Legal documents, Pharmaceutical documents, Visa documents, . Accounting documents, Financial documents, Marketing collateral, Product manuals, websites etc

  • List  of documents that we translate on a regular basis: Medical Clearance Certificate (MCC), Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Birth certificate, visa application, pharmaceutical documents, Personal certifications, Academic Records

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