Although students have many choices to learn this language in the market, Instituto Hispania is the best choice for the following reasons:

  • First private institution in India dedicated to Spanish language and culture, the institute has 20 years of experience

  • Present in multiple locations across 5 cities in India

  • International Certifications availed along with courses

  • Syllabus following the European Framework for Foreign Languages

  • Only Study Material designed and adapted to the linguistic needs of Indian students

  • Consecutive Awards for excellence in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in India

  • State of the art multimedia facilities in all classrooms

  • Experienced and qualified Spanish native teachers with legalized status in India

  • Continuous teacher training programmes to guarantee consistency in teaching quality

  • Counselling available 7 days a week, 350 days a year

  • Students can continue their studies even if they have to shift to another city

  • Cultural activities organized at the Institute, to bring the flavour of hispanic culture

  • Customized packages adapted to the requirements of different industries

  • Provide Job Placement opportunities to higher level students

  • State of the art learning management system in digital platform for E-learning courses

To Register with us, you can choose the nearest and most convenient branch for you, or opt for the E-Learning System if Instituto Hispania is not currently present in your city.