1.The registration will be valid only when the student has paid the full amount of the course selected. The payment may be made in cash/cheque/DD issued in favour of Instituto Hispania.

2.The registration includes the right to attend the course, to be present in the examination and to obtain the corresponding certification on completion of the course.

3.The minimum number of students required to start a particular batch is Eight (8).  In the case a batch is started with less number of students, the Institute reserves the right to modify the total number of hours of the course.

4.Instituto Hispania does not have the obligation to make-up for time lost by the student through absence. Students missing more than two lectures consecutively implies scheduling of make up sessions to cover missed content.

5.Examination dates are fixed by the Institute. Students are required to be present on the stipulated date. Late examination incurs an additional fee on the part of the student.

6.Transferring batches may be possible only Before the midterm examination of their current course. The student may transfer from one batch to another by paying the transfer fee levied in lieu of attending classes from one course and joining a fresh course. Batch transfer may also be applicable across centres at a stipulated fee.

7.To maintain the quality standards, students are required to clear examinations with a total percentage of above 60% to proceed to the next level. In case the student scores between 40-60% the student is eligible to undertake a revision course of 12 hours and re-take the examination at the end of the revision course. Students who score less than 40% will have to re-register in the same level paying the corresponding amount.

8.Only those students who pass the levels with the required percentage will be awarded with the corresponding certification of the respective level. Those students who do not clear the levels with the required percentage can repeat the level by paying the established amount.

9.Any person with previous knowledge of Spanish and/or a student with a gap of more than 6 months between courses, shall first undertake a Level Test to determine the most appropriate course for their linguistic proficiency. This test incurs a small fee and is valid for a period of one month during which the person can register to the corresponding course by paying full amount.

10.No refunds can be claimed after admission. Only in the case of cancellation of batch by the Institute, the registered student in the cancelled batch has the right to receive a full refund.

11.Students will conduct themselves in a proper and dignified manner at all times. Any unruly or discourteous behaviour may lead to cancellation of admission.

12.The student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of Instituto Hispania that are enforced or may come into existence during their association with the Institute.

13.The student accepts that all decisions of the management of the institute will be final.