Instituto Hispania offers a wide array of courses. Among them, the Spanish courses for children are specifically designed and curated with these criteria:

  • The courses are designed for students for ages 6 to 12.
  • The syllabus is based on topics designed for children of different age groups
  • The teaching methodology is adapted to the learning needs of children using multi-media and audio-visual materials
  • Each class is fun, interactive and filled with games and activities for children to learn and work together.

Children have the ability to learn languages effortlessly during the first few years of life. Research shows that learning a foreign language has positive effects on the development of thought and behaviour of young children, perceived in the way they show empathy and sensitivity toward other people.

Instituto Hispania aims to offer the younger generations in India the chance to become familiar with the Spanish language and hispanic culture, with the potential to become an integral part of the ever-growing Spanish speaking community.

If you want your child to learn Spanish, please contact us on the given numbers for the respective centre and city.